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# About this Website

This is my personal website that containing tutorials and guide about anything tech related, and also contains some of my opinions on things. I've made this website basically to help people (me too) that search a simple tutorial on a specific subject and don't want any others bloatware website with ads.

# About Me

My name is Baptiste Pasquier, I am a 20 years old student learning languages in University of Poitiers (English, Russian and Arabic). I'm also trying to be a developer as a hobby and I'm a Linux Enthusiast (btw I use Arch).


=> My Resume => Spotify Playlist => My Github => My Twitch Channel

# Tutorials / Guides

=> Factory reset storage (SD / HardDrive / ...) => A guide for Beginner to GNU/Linux => A guide for Beginner to Windows => Windows 10 customization => Remove Windows 10 bloat => Linux customization => Learn HTML / CSS => Learn Markdown => Learn Gemini => Learn LATeX => How to build a Computer (Steps to go through) => How to install ArchLinux => Learn Python => Be private on Internet => A guide on Piracy => Android customization => Remove Bloat from your Android => Enjoy Youtube Again (remove ads and sponsorship)

# Articles

=> My Workflow => My Setup (PC / Peripherals) => My Media Server => How to be minimalistic ? => Coomers ? => Distro rating => Videos-Games addiction => Don't use CSS frameworks !! => How to be happy in every day life => A guide on how to stop being dumb => Cooking Guide => Wondrous world of Gundamn => French Politics

# Languages learning

=> Learn Russian 🇷🇺 => Learn French 🇫🇷 => Learn Arabic 🇦🇪 => Learn Japanese 🇯🇵 => Learn Spanish 🇪🇸

# Contact

=> 📧My email adress => Discord

# 💰 Donate

As you can tell there are no ads on my website because that's something I hate. So I don't receive anything from this website. But if you want you can give me some money if you appreciate the work and effort put into this website. You can donate through the links below or send cryptocurrencies.