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Windows 10/11 Customization

September 03, 2022 - customization windows

If you want to customize your windows 10 setup, you are in the right place. I'm going to present to you some programs and applications you can use to make your windows 10 experience more personalize.



Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool available for Windows 10. It's an open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the [GNU GPL v2] ( license. It is compatible with versions between Vista and 10. XP is supported for Rainmeter versions 3.3 and below.

Rainmeter allows you to display customizable skins on your desktop, from hardware usage meters to fully functional audio visualizers. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity.


TranslucentTB is a desktop application available on the Microsoft Store, It's also an open source software.

TranslucentTB offers you control over the appearance of your taskbar. You can customize the effect and color of it, and combine states (maximized window, Start Menu open, Cortana open and Timeline open), each one with a customizable taskbar appearance to reach a dynamically changing and visually pleasing taskbar.

Wallpaper Engine / Lively Wallpaper

They're both wallpapers related programs, that enables you to use live wallpapers on your desktop. Wallpaper Engine is available on Steam for 5 dollars and Lively Wallpaper is free and open source.

Some Examples of what you can do with these programs