# Remove Android bloatware

Android phone came with OEM/Carrier/GFAM Apps that you can't remove directly on your smart phone. These apps can be really intrusive and not very useful and can raise privacy concerns. So I'm going to show you how to remove these thanks to multiple available tools.

# First method

So first of all you need to install ADB on your PC, through this link Android SDK.

ADB (Android debug Bridge) is a tool made by Google for developers.

Then extract the ZIP file. Open the folder that the extraction made, and open up a command prompt by holding Shift and Right Clicking within the folder then click the Open command window here option.

# Connection

Plug your smartphone to your computer but before that you need to activate USB debugging mode in your smartphone. This is a different process for all smartphone, so just do a quick google search to find how to do this.

So after doing that, in the command prompt that you've open before type adb devices , and on your phone you should see a prompt to allow or deny USB debugging access, of course click "OK" or "Allow". And if the operation is successful you should see the name of your phone in the command prompt.

# How to use ?

So to remove any app, you need to have the package name. To find that, I recommend downloading App Inspector from the Play Store. or download an open-source available on F-Droid called Kanade.

Once you have the app launch it and press on an application. You're going to have many information, but the only thing useful is the package name.

If you want to remove it, use this command in your command prompt :

pm uninstall --user 0 "package-name"

And when you're done uninstalling app,use this command to close the daemon server :

adb kill-server

# Second Method


# First Method

sudo apt install android-tools-adb

# Second Method